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Lee Currie, Tue 17 Oct, 22:21 I never, what was it like and make? I will maybe pop in tomorrow as mine is stuck on roof jeez your teams shooting Craig Monahan, Tue 17 Oct, 21:09 Did anyone pick up my ball? Ross Dolan, Tue 17 Oct, 12:17 Scratch that last comment ill not make it back on time now incase anyone is pulling out Ross Dolan, Tue 17 Oct, 09:14 If anyone pulls out ill play Kevin McCafferty, Tue 17 Oct, 00:44 No hes not playing, having to work late tomorrow Lee Currie, Mon 16 Oct, 18:31 No problem Kev. Bouncefootball some how be generated two games can i just check with you that Martin is no playing either. Kevin McCafferty, Mon 16 Oct, 17:46 Can't make it tomorrow night now Lee Currie, Fri 13 Oct, 17:04 Great I see you have added yourself see you Tuesday Allan Ross Clark, Fri 13 Oct, 14:45 Allanm38@googlemail.com Thats his email, yes allan mcgregor he's in for tuesday Alan McGregor, Fri 13 Oct, 14:44 Yes i can play Lee Currie, Fri 13 Oct, 14:37 No problem is that Allan McGregor? Ross Clark, Fri 13 Oct, 13:11 Lee allan has deleted the email, can he play this week Lee Currie, Thu 12 Oct, 13:15 Cheers Ross not sure what's going on also the time is 19:30pm as usual but it has put 18:30pm for some reason Ross Mclean, Thu 12 Oct, 11:09 There seems to be 2 invites on the go as different players in each one ? Brian Kelly, Wed 11 Oct, 22:04 Cant make next week as away down south
7-a-side 19:30, 5.00 Firhill , Glasgow public game: Mixed. 16 - 100 years. Open To Everyone

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Glasgow - Firhill
Tue, 17 Oct 2017
19:30 kick off
7-a-side game
£5.00 per person
Additional details: Names guys
public game
Mixed mixed game
Any age
Open To Everyone
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